Canadian Northern Society
P.O. Box 1174, Camrose, Alberta  T4V 1X2   Dominion of Canada
Phone: 780 672 3099   |  Email:
Visit us on our Facebook pages at Canadian Northern Society and Camrose Heritage Railway Station and Park.

Society Committees

President: Karen Smith, Camrose
Vice President: Leslie S. Kozma, Edmonton
Secretary: Rich Graydon, Stettler
Treasurer: Sarah Whittaker, Fort Saskatchewan

Dean Tiegs of Spruce Grove
Glenys A. Smith of Camrose
Joe Bracken of High River
Shawn I. Smith of Camrose
Sandra Beaudoin of Hanna

The society has several committees, which are responsible for particular locations and aspects of the society’s operations.

Camrose/Meeting Creek
Glenys Smith, Chairperson and Director
Norm Prestage
Carol Rawson, Collections Coordinator
Debbie Trout, Library and Archives
Elaine Wooden, Barb MacDonald, Karen Smith, Lorene Bergstrom

Research, Conservation, and Warden Heritage Site and Grain Elevator
Shawn Smith
Les Kozma

Big Valley 
Rich Graydon, Chairperson
Joe Bracken
Phyllis and Wayne Garrison
Eddie Finucin

Audit Committee
Dean Tiegs
Les Kozma

Safety Committee
K. Brent Cheek, Society Safety Co-ordinator

The Canora Chronicle
Dean Tiegs, Chairperson
Shawn Smith

Meeting Creek Grassland Conservation
Glenys Smith, Chairperson and Director
Karen Smith
Bernice Kadatz

Hanna Roundhouse:
Sandra Beaudoin, Chairperson and Director

The President and Treasurer are ex-officio member of all committees.