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The Canora Chronicle is the tri-annual newsletter of the Canadian Northern Society. Design and layout of The Canora Chronicle is completed on a volunteer basis by society volunteers. If you would like to submit information for future newsletters, please contact the editors below:

Canadian Northern Society
P.O. Box 1174, Camrose, Alberta  T4V 1X2
Ph: 780 672 3099  |  Email:

Editors: Shawn Smith

thenandnowIn honour of the 20th anniversary of the Canadian Northern Society in 2007, The Chronicle featured a “Then and Now” section for each edition that year, showcasing the work of the society in Camrose, Meeting Creek and Big Valley.
Vol20No1ThenAndNow     /     Vol20No2ThenAndNow
Vol20No3ThenAndNow     /     Vol20No4ThenAndNow

For newsletters prior to 2007, please visit the Camrose Heritage Railway Station Library and Archives or email to for further information.

Volume 20–2007
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Volume 21–2008
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Volume 22–2009
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Volume 28–2015
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Volume 29–2016
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Canadian Northern Society Celebrates 30 Years!
A True Community Centre—The Camrose Heritage Railway Station and Park
Bringing History Alive—Big Valley Station and Roundhouse Interpretive Park
A Visit Into The Past—Meeting Creek Station and Grain Elevator Park
Volume 30–2017
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Volume 31–2018
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Volume 32–201
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Volume 33–2020
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